In 2013 we directly impacted 68,965 lives of persons coming from backgrounds of disease, poverty and vulnerability across 10 states in India. We did this through our network of 18 trusted partners that indirectly supported 62, 90,600 people.

3838 new cases of persons suffering from leprosy were detected and treated through our partners. According to the latest available data from the World Health Organization (WHO), India accounted for over 134,752 new cases of leprosy in 2012 out of a worldwide total of 232,857. Nearly 10% of all these cases were among children under the age of 15 years.

58 reconstructive surgeries were performed for persons suffering from leprosy related deformity and disability and 1836 persons suffering from leprosy related ulcers and wounds received treatment, care and knowledge on self-care through our partners. 133 persons received surgical operations for cleft lip & palate, club foot and other disabilities.

5200 children coming from families with persons affected by leprosy or suffering from different types of disability were provided access to formal education, which was formerly denied to them.

  • 1550 self-help groups were supported comprising a total of 21933 members. Of these 12,338 were persons with disabilities.
  • 2036 people were provided with livelihood training (sewing, tailoring and financial management skills) of which 70% constituted women.
  • 1582 persons received physiotherapy
  • 130 persons received crutches, wheel chairs and medical aids
  • 793 people were provided with protective MCR footwear
  • 4136 persons received training and support for self-care
  • 306 micro loans were given to rural entrepreneurs with over 56% towards women entrepreneurs
  • A total of 127 people were supported in job placements 1693 Adults and young people were provided access to basic reading, and adult education programmes.

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