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The Goodbye Leprosy Trust (GBLT) was founded on August 2013, by five organizations that have Leprosy control work as their core area of work. The trust was formed with an intention to mobilize financial resources locally in India to eradicate Leprosy. One of the key advantages of the GBLT trust is the extensive experience of each respective member in implementing Leprosy control activities across India thereby providing the much needed access to vital care and essential services to people affected by Leprosy in order to avert deformity and avoid consequences as a result of stigma and discrimination. The GBLT members collaborate with the Government of India (GoI) and it’s respective state societies. Additionally, each member is closely associated with affected communities at all levels be that district, states, and National levels.

Our Statement

The GBLT is a registered voluntary organization established on August 6th, 2013, is committed to disease control and health promotion among the underprivileged communities with primary focus on leprosy control. These programs are implemented in collaboration with state governments, municipal corporations and councils as well as other civil society organizations.

Our Challenge

It is important to ensure that the achievement made so far in controlling leprosy are sustained, that the burden of the disease is further reduced, and that affected communities continue to receive quality leprosy services. At the same time, efforts to increase community awareness are required to put an end to the prejudice and discriminations still faced by the people affected by leprosy and their families. Our challenge is to ensure that all persons affected by leprosy, wherever they live, have an equal opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by competent health workers, without unnecessary delays and at an affordable cost.

Founding Trustees

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